Monday 25 September 2023

Enlightened more

 I still state the same that if anyone was working all day even metal work or creation or a job of any type, not of phones, like mechanic then music very much is for mega amounts so much more than our usual daily commute but what we listen to while concentrating...

Trance had that special ability of the lyrics never have to be sense or be very minimal so you get lost in the tribal drums and phat violin and yet guitar solo and anything is never reserved to just loving on the idea of no lyrics is still music that far surpasses other music when all you want is to read tech docs and have music but music with lyrics can hinder focus.. But only by a tap.. 

As said though I listen to music 24/7 and trance list is designed for either asleep or awake and yet all love rock and other styles dependent on mood... I would even state that with YouTube playlists for me it was not so much some music is superior but rather trying to set the mood between tracks so never that a track sounds bad but more, for now, it did not fit the feel of how the tracks connect which is how it is with all playlists I keep on YouTube.. 

Not like I don't use the playlists myself every day on rotation... Otherwise as said am very busy but 2 years as such will have my fish farms and medicines and alcohol brewery but always so busy that as of late robotics has been a lot of research... 

Never so sure in myself with a lot of things but this "Jesus Christ" thing was only ever making me ponder when me Marc who has always been me and while I like photos like the winged lion which was a place in Leicester of a beautiful fountain I would visit some times.. Only later did I ponder it as indeed while all get problems if Jesus got caught standing on my fish cages and giving away the locations of my fish farms plus taking my medicine and wine then in myself coincidence one thing but would tap on humour a lot as obviously I work for him somehow without knowing and yet "all of good" or projects "of benefit to all so deemed sacred" is all anyone of good needs to know.. Music for therapy though I would state that the trance playlist for example "gave me a good nights sleep" leaving it on while sleeping had just as much benefit as a productive day researching and reading tech docs chilling with it.. All in all though this domain is parked 2 more years here on blogspot as soon enough the domain is less world wide web but more world wide virtual and augmented reality for business.. 

YouTube address could be fancy but just a quick post

Report in a year from now..  Have fun..