Thursday, 27 May 2021


 Why so many dissappear and come back?

It seems for a lot of us things have gotten a bit tough and testing every part of us... Never was this wished for by any of us but to borrow bits from all faiths I myself for example would carry heavier and heavier pack weights and recite sutra walking far past midnight to early morning... It took me a while to realise what I was doing and what I was striving for yet I recited and walked myself to death for over 10 years... It got to a point not only feeling stronger but vows came into place and took hold of every part of me until it resonated every day after and the vows and recitation then started to be reflected on as "what was I doing?" in short stating love me and always will be me and without sin that part was easy but where am I going and where am I headed was me purchased a ring as before anything else at all to know you have you eternally and constantly gaining strength in everything you was the equivalent of the diamond sutra of your own that made your mind in itself let alone the body clarity and hardness of diamond... 

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