Wednesday, 26 May 2021

I'm fine

 I have to admit I have not been so well at all though.. As we are in this very very very much strict controlled dimension and yet out of the 5 sacred realms I'm used to realms at level 2 that even the grass yells at you to get off of it... You see this realm is pure science and everything locked down yet a realm with magic plus 1 is your body never decays it runs on soul energy yet all science dictates a rocket made it into space due to pure science yet at the 5th ultra high level "sacred" dimensions the banana rocket ran on lite magic meaning soul energy... Why do we reincarnate here? If we all reincarnated at a level 5 realm out rockets would run on our own soul energy yet at our strict realm it is instantly defunct... By the same token why does my veg scream and the grass on higher levels but not this one and that is because we are in a realm of hardcore energy lockdown and any magic heavy penalised as training wheels on.. Never to say that a sacred level 2 of more is not a veg or plant not noting less energy expenditure to unlock more of the dna that otherwise at out reincarnate level costs it a fortune... 

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