Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Only when out does my parrot have his friends around

 For some unknown reason it seems one of the parrots on the live stream keeps yelling AVRIL!! yet upon checking it appears to be some rescue place named slightly the same that was the reason... I think... Growler my parrot though does really love them so leave it on for him when I'm off out...

A very quiet little one and loves his high perch top of the door, as for nibbing cables and things he is so well behaved after only tapped on the beak a few times not to touch cables where the cockatiel appeared to only take the telling off as "not now then" the Quaker parrot truly appears to be respectful and well behaved...

Seems good for him though to have his friends webcast, or to him around, and he seems mentally fine considering thanks to Sony he has had days upon days of zombie related content otherwise he has been watching... :)

Recommended for all parrots when you are out.

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