Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Why water or wind style?

 In a world of robotics you have to understand we end up with fighting styles of no block possible... this is the same as a monkey that can hit a branch each time no miss ever and yet if a monkey or gorilla had a sword in its hand a block would cause so much shock damage to the user you would be stunned to have a gorilla or monkey not just shocked you but hit you 3 times the exact same place so only martial arts style is to never go for a block but to work around... in short water is find the floor and in time you erode it while slipping around all points of force while wind is about gaining energy and yet for now will only state that water style is crash down in a torrent so between the two styles they is difference yet truly in discipline are apart... robotics though you need to understand that blocking is just not possible but like learning fencing on a one foot beam you learn not to over extenuate so lose balance but keep it sharp as in always in balance and control while water rather than wind is when an opportunity truly wind up and crash down into a torrent when needed...

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