Monday, 11 January 2021

Well still picking through Archives


Well been picking through Archives and have to say that over the last 6 odd years my curry has gotten very strange... usually pressure cook in a pressure king but I pressure cook for 3 minutes a 1kg of chicken in salt water then throw away the water as the fat is pushed out the chicken...  Then on a rotissery for 15 minutes to harden the chicken a tap before making it into like 2cm chunks... nice and lean..
then 3 jars of curry sauce of various
Chilli powder to taste
so much green and black olives whole
1 cup and a half brown rice in the curry not separate.
1 whole large white onion
Garlic, pepper and a tap of more Epsom salt
chopped tomatoes, a can as such.
chopped parsnips
beans of butter bean, kidney, chickpeas, soya bean
Button mushrooms

As said the curry in itself has evolved and yet a perfect of everything but sometimes I like to cook a decent amount of tuna or salmon to go with it as the pressure cooker appears to obliterate it so grill it separate to each portion...
Cashew, peanuts and found dry roasted interesting about 150g plus pumpkin seed and on occasion whole not halved Brazil nuts..

Regardless the bread maker in itself I add chia seeds and bits so with me cooking is always from scratch but evolved over the last few years...

Anyway will update more as breakfast and otherwise is a bit different or like the curry been honed on... have fun anyway and happy new year!

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