Tuesday, 12 January 2021


 Well wallpaper this was about 2 ink carts but block poster was well used where otherwise a few calculations could have done it but a free service why not use it... Remember when age 4 or so the dentist had a poster on the ceiling of the olimpics and thousands of characters doing stupid things and you spent ages noting something else... They is a poster kind of the same from green day I will add again but these magic Eye posters that I cracked while young and have a generator for May make the ceiling... So wallpaper at just photo paper and ink is a tad expensive but going through archive is also memory and we had funny far beyond where is waldo... Fair use though is the same as the advent of online services providing 5.1... Have to admit if not for amazon and Google video upgrading to DTS before I had a 2 year odd subscription where they mailed me 3 dvd's a week.. As said money is not the issue as never could spend it fast enough but finding them diamonds all over the world in all countries meant we identified gems in film or music and all the music and film industry did was count how many and re-subtitle or dub and that was what the Internet was a load of strange Korean, Chinese King fu and Japanese anime redubbed for all countries... Fair use is only to state that if I couldn't spend my own money at the time then what was the drive and it is like all else that with information as numerous as every grain of sand on a beach we provide coordinates to diamonds of pure fun and interest in the otherwise rough... 

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