Tuesday, 12 January 2021


 Have to state that learning all religions I could possibly find we all see the same of rules and yet I reiterate that lots say from birth that religion told us who we are not telling us off... No matter the religion the same things stand the same as "pillers of truth" based upon the same laws our courts deemed "under the eyes of God... As for religions though shiva" the destroyer of ignorance " a god that drinks bhang a cannabis wine as well as smokes weed... Lots of things are never as clear cut as Buddhism which has like kaballah the 8 fold path" that goes beyond deadly sins but to intent and pure folds as you path through reality...

Do onto others as you wish upon yourself - - Marc 

Same with all of it though we have corruption and perversions in everything from religion to the evil knitting society but what we know is what religion reflects and that is the mass majority are always good people... 

Oddly enough though I did ponder Christians but like all faiths they is a lot in story that is to make you think... While meditating I heard "oh look it is jesus standing on his fish cages, giving away his fish farm inner complex locations and stealing his crops, medicine, beer and wine... Mohhamed was hiding from jesus and Marc got stuck with the bill?  Have to state though that while we all know true sacred teachings I even while disregarding what it said while meditating I do admit that if someone got shot not hung from a cross it is strange behaviour as you wouldn't wear a cross but a fun? If he was stabbed like ceiser then all would wear little symbolic blades or something?  Regardless it never stops what it is we deem sacred and that is not just religious dissertation but food, medicine, conduct and literally all striving to find sacred in all they touch. 

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