Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Questions I have?

 I am only to state in polite that this image happened when watching Naruto and yet it seemed to even though captured on me forward skip by twice then hit the space bar to show the same teaching that was shown in it at the time... as for how much we know of vampire I know irrefutably as do others that to kill another that turns out to be me myself another life is not just forbidden but insane as f*ck... who is to say that this next life vampire doctrine is valid or now that you made another vessel that goes down for the time you caused being a criminal yet you still have to be that life next?  this is getting into area's where I won't discuss for now but very much love us is love me and how opposite to these laws is I am eternal forever rising and never falling and who is my best friend is me verified that high at the 13th level of existence and that is good enough reason to love love love because never was our fault ours but as to life it has been rougher than we wanted...

Neruto anime?? everything wrong?  

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