Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Miss my old Parrot though Woowoo

 While watching David August Growler just clipped the screen and bounced off the wall behind... he is learning what a TV is but still taking him a while to figure it out... Woowoo on the other hand on the 3rd day already did all this and spend days after walking around on the floor investigating...  Very much The cockatiel more curious and never afraid as such while Growler really has not come out his shell yet... Deep contemplation though from this Parrot Breed Quaker so not just his beautiful blue plumage but he really thinks hard...

Wish I still had both of them but nevermind and Growler is awesome but not singing or talking yet but maybe in half a year...

Growler the Quaker favourite food Cashew

Woowoo the Cockatiel favourite food Black Chia Seeds.


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