Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Martial arts?

 Have to say myself that from age 2 copying kungfu moves, and michael jackson moves age 3 odd... plus First intro to Wierd al about age 6 or so in some spanish bar... but as for martial arts it always stuck with me from ages of 6 was copying every kung fu movie and yet was first schooled in judo that pleasently made sense later to be Jujutsu a grapping side of Ninjutsu... as for partner wise it would be me and my partner training all day and night from 5 times a week psycically to Virtual reality but love crossing over disciplines as done fencing a few years for example and on a one foot high beam the stakes are raised yet ninjutsu is all about leverage and balance so all will always find what we master truly becomes our own style... I like the 3 section staff and nunchuks for them being an extension of wind or water style of fighting... obviously though Avril and me training we look at multiple but roughing it a tap is still us both very much laughing even if a lot done that day was the purple headed warrior...


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