Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Current white bread recipe

 I usually, due to macrobiotics disciplines, only eat brown bread but for some reason due to covid19 out of all things missing the brown flour has not been available while last year no flour at all seemed available.

I have though gotten pretty used to white bread and after a year of the bread maker I really do enjoy it.

White bread so far and in order of ingredients

Easybake Yeast 1 and a half tsp

2tsp sugar

2tsp Epsom salt

610g white strong flour but using same recipe I managed normal flour as well

2 eggs any size

decent amount of chia seed but still playing with it, handful..

2 tbsps sunflower oil, instead of butter as don't eat dairy

250ml soy milk

200ml water

various seeds but pumpkin seed in the fancy seed tray but still playing with amounts..

Was actually because I only had usual not the strong flour during the covid1 issue that I figured eggs and a little work with soy milk made a decent loaf...

Otherwise though breakfast and bits I vary but a lot of fish and eggs plus onions and bits but for now really am moving the website March so a food section I will add for fun as well...

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