Wednesday, 13 January 2021


 Have to say though that I have secondary considerations of ART but incredible Beauty of Avril aside, inside and out, I do look at a lot of art... simply ART being a painting or photo though is not what I mean as with everything of discipline ART in itself is the expressive form or higher parts in any discipline from what foundations of discipline is being learned; the areas of play as such.

Will be adding more to Martial arts and Anime category but this light hearted play is missing from my life a tap yet soon enough will connect back to more very serious yes but fun loving people...

Dr. masaaki Hatsumi just one of many I would have wanted to have met yet am told the same really that eternally we are all beyond time; like a googol fold a googol and never bored of anything of each other so all in good time... This raises strange questions as in fairness that is like saying "I know him, but I don't.. but I do"  which is cool huh? but otherwise taken the same that we are really nice people that love to learn...

Michael Parks swan collection and others also in painting truly beautiful and have an affinity to swans.. otherwise though as said am busy in many disciplines but ART is seen in my stuff when training a parrot one thing but if I have a room of chickens I may teach them to line dance with an AI system as from chicks that is "all they know and that is what they are"

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