Monday, 18 January 2021

Why the name Shadowfire?

 It is like being a trucker on a CB radio they get callsigns and in games we had to decide ourselves as well really what should I call myself?

In fairness all I did was look at a book by Dean Koontz and yet reading it the book was about seeing flames in the dark corners of a room and went psycho is monster...

Gaming handle though... not just proud to always be me but take call of duty as a computer game to end up at the end always it seems just a cog in a while of destruction where more intel and who you truly are would have mitigated this... none action in wrong action is to be considered certainly not against all law in blind action... The same as always we will always be of you see insane like a wolf killing indiscriminately or a robot then wow you sure know that is an enemy...

Gamer though is about skill and like a bull on mega charge it gets through it all but as to anyway of this world what we are ourselves are very much always loving things is loving everything we always are yet in games the amount of times the joke is that you have their script and have to complete it and yet if you then really would have been differently...

Shadowfire would speed into a wall in grand torismo at near topping 200mph where Marc is me and always me and just not that much of a risk taker and don't gamble either...

Virtual reality though for mega fun I think for me and loads it is the time to connect back and really play it hard verses and have fun... otherwise with everything me am always in productions all would like no matter what; all in good time but trusted is always us..

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Questions I have?

 I am only to state in polite that this image happened when watching Naruto and yet it seemed to even though captured on me forward skip by twice then hit the space bar to show the same teaching that was shown in it at the time... as for how much we know of vampire I know irrefutably as do others that to kill another that turns out to be me myself another life is not just forbidden but insane as f*ck... who is to say that this next life vampire doctrine is valid or now that you made another vessel that goes down for the time you caused being a criminal yet you still have to be that life next?  this is getting into area's where I won't discuss for now but very much love us is love me and how opposite to these laws is I am eternal forever rising and never falling and who is my best friend is me verified that high at the 13th level of existence and that is good enough reason to love love love because never was our fault ours but as to life it has been rougher than we wanted...

Neruto anime?? everything wrong?  

is all alien planets ever would see

 Includes a faint as well but Mega captain commander Maceo plex invades some slave colony planet.. the blimps don't just show incredible hardcore attacks but a literal plasma screen in the air shows absolute dominance over all forces that oppose us... you think that planet never understanding turn tables but seen as alien weaponry are anything but thankful is still though how we could expand out into the universe and otherwise another Captain to all alien planets like Maceo is David August with an absolute bombing run to overturn slavery...

Dials in a few times for more coordinates but as aliens said the crowd not just the military commander confuses them a few times... bombs dropped hard.. and like ultra laser shit... aphex twin very much also an awesome commander at liberating slave planets...  :D


 Have to say though that I have secondary considerations of ART but incredible Beauty of Avril aside, inside and out, I do look at a lot of art... simply ART being a painting or photo though is not what I mean as with everything of discipline ART in itself is the expressive form or higher parts in any discipline from what foundations of discipline is being learned; the areas of play as such.

Will be adding more to Martial arts and Anime category but this light hearted play is missing from my life a tap yet soon enough will connect back to more very serious yes but fun loving people...

Dr. masaaki Hatsumi just one of many I would have wanted to have met yet am told the same really that eternally we are all beyond time; like a googol fold a googol and never bored of anything of each other so all in good time... This raises strange questions as in fairness that is like saying "I know him, but I don't.. but I do"  which is cool huh? but otherwise taken the same that we are really nice people that love to learn...

Michael Parks swan collection and others also in painting truly beautiful and have an affinity to swans.. otherwise though as said am busy in many disciplines but ART is seen in my stuff when training a parrot one thing but if I have a room of chickens I may teach them to line dance with an AI system as from chicks that is "all they know and that is what they are"

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

personal beliefs?

 ART yes... I told you before and it is not an issue... After Avril R Towers though I have considered other things of beauty but a picture frame of Internet memes I would probably say yes more than no about it...  otherwise though comfort wise I take down these xmas lights? my parrot appears to love them so keeping them...


 Have to state that learning all religions I could possibly find we all see the same of rules and yet I reiterate that lots say from birth that religion told us who we are not telling us off... No matter the religion the same things stand the same as "pillers of truth" based upon the same laws our courts deemed "under the eyes of God... As for religions though shiva" the destroyer of ignorance " a god that drinks bhang a cannabis wine as well as smokes weed... Lots of things are never as clear cut as Buddhism which has like kaballah the 8 fold path" that goes beyond deadly sins but to intent and pure folds as you path through reality...

Do onto others as you wish upon yourself - - Marc 

Same with all of it though we have corruption and perversions in everything from religion to the evil knitting society but what we know is what religion reflects and that is the mass majority are always good people... 

Oddly enough though I did ponder Christians but like all faiths they is a lot in story that is to make you think... While meditating I heard "oh look it is jesus standing on his fish cages, giving away his fish farm inner complex locations and stealing his crops, medicine, beer and wine... Mohhamed was hiding from jesus and Marc got stuck with the bill?  Have to state though that while we all know true sacred teachings I even while disregarding what it said while meditating I do admit that if someone got shot not hung from a cross it is strange behaviour as you wouldn't wear a cross but a fun? If he was stabbed like ceiser then all would wear little symbolic blades or something?  Regardless it never stops what it is we deem sacred and that is not just religious dissertation but food, medicine, conduct and literally all striving to find sacred in all they touch. 


 Well wallpaper this was about 2 ink carts but block poster was well used where otherwise a few calculations could have done it but a free service why not use it... Remember when age 4 or so the dentist had a poster on the ceiling of the olimpics and thousands of characters doing stupid things and you spent ages noting something else... They is a poster kind of the same from green day I will add again but these magic Eye posters that I cracked while young and have a generator for May make the ceiling... So wallpaper at just photo paper and ink is a tad expensive but going through archive is also memory and we had funny far beyond where is waldo... Fair use though is the same as the advent of online services providing 5.1... Have to admit if not for amazon and Google video upgrading to DTS before I had a 2 year odd subscription where they mailed me 3 dvd's a week.. As said money is not the issue as never could spend it fast enough but finding them diamonds all over the world in all countries meant we identified gems in film or music and all the music and film industry did was count how many and re-subtitle or dub and that was what the Internet was a load of strange Korean, Chinese King fu and Japanese anime redubbed for all countries... Fair use is only to state that if I couldn't spend my own money at the time then what was the drive and it is like all else that with information as numerous as every grain of sand on a beach we provide coordinates to diamonds of pure fun and interest in the otherwise rough... 

Current white bread recipe

 I usually, due to macrobiotics disciplines, only eat brown bread but for some reason due to covid19 out of all things missing the brown flour has not been available while last year no flour at all seemed available.

I have though gotten pretty used to white bread and after a year of the bread maker I really do enjoy it.

White bread so far and in order of ingredients

Easybake Yeast 1 and a half tsp

2tsp sugar

2tsp Epsom salt

610g white strong flour but using same recipe I managed normal flour as well

2 eggs any size

decent amount of chia seed but still playing with it, handful..

2 tbsps sunflower oil, instead of butter as don't eat dairy

250ml soy milk

200ml water

various seeds but pumpkin seed in the fancy seed tray but still playing with amounts..

Was actually because I only had usual not the strong flour during the covid1 issue that I figured eggs and a little work with soy milk made a decent loaf...

Otherwise though breakfast and bits I vary but a lot of fish and eggs plus onions and bits but for now really am moving the website March so a food section I will add for fun as well...

Monday, 11 January 2021

Well still picking through Archives


Well been picking through Archives and have to say that over the last 6 odd years my curry has gotten very strange... usually pressure cook in a pressure king but I pressure cook for 3 minutes a 1kg of chicken in salt water then throw away the water as the fat is pushed out the chicken...  Then on a rotissery for 15 minutes to harden the chicken a tap before making it into like 2cm chunks... nice and lean..
then 3 jars of curry sauce of various
Chilli powder to taste
so much green and black olives whole
1 cup and a half brown rice in the curry not separate.
1 whole large white onion
Garlic, pepper and a tap of more Epsom salt
chopped tomatoes, a can as such.
chopped parsnips
beans of butter bean, kidney, chickpeas, soya bean
Button mushrooms

As said the curry in itself has evolved and yet a perfect of everything but sometimes I like to cook a decent amount of tuna or salmon to go with it as the pressure cooker appears to obliterate it so grill it separate to each portion...
Cashew, peanuts and found dry roasted interesting about 150g plus pumpkin seed and on occasion whole not halved Brazil nuts..

Regardless the bread maker in itself I add chia seeds and bits so with me cooking is always from scratch but evolved over the last few years...

Anyway will update more as breakfast and otherwise is a bit different or like the curry been honed on... have fun anyway and happy new year!

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Latest track obsessed with?

 I listen to so much music but this one truly caught my ear as such... a phat beat mixed with vocals that boarder line of whining is never quiet this but a yearning that just makes emphasis in voice perfect.  In places though it ramps up and up into a what appears just somehow "lost it" to only bring it back again... such beauty in the track but the ramp up is mega f*cking cool as fuck...

Otherwise as said about about 500 odd mistakes got my mars base but wow it is a hard ps4 game...

Har Mah Superstar?

 All I can say is even if Ron Jeremy or Mario look alike he has from the very first 5 seconds of the song "powerlunch" the same as Timberland with aaliyah on tracks of a phat beat and kind of over lyric track of "uh huh... yeah"  what made it perfect though was his lower more bass lower down singing to a high pitched women singing... a lot of times have to state he truly got a vibe going with his voice on end sentence emphasis to then be highlighted by a dual high tone women singing with him...

What made the track that I would like to see emulated was how he did the lower vocal track to have her high pitched finish off his sentences to duet in a subtle yet so powerful way... Just really made the track purely from listening without the video but both vocals showed true masculine yet soft and women and aroused or in love.. It goes far beyond Ron Jeremy and Mario jokes so is an include simply for itself...  A lover of R & B though if he had a "hidden" it was Timberland not Ron Jeremy... 

Saturday, 9 January 2021


 Oh wait it's Mario... No wait Wtf is he doing?  :). Have to say have been chilled out and out of all games am playing "surviving Mars". It is command and conquer without the weapons but very cool strategy game.. Otherwise "planet coaster" which is a new version of bullfogs sim theme park just as two point hospital was bullfrogs sim hospital, nice and chilled and relaxed strategy games but some deep thinking far past simply selling over salted snacks so they drink more... ;)

Anyway driving games and all sorts... God of war is nice plus new hitman is still funny but driving games still addicted and dirt is really hard... 

Anyway have fun... 

Thursday, 7 January 2021

I'll include a gallery out of boredom

 Always lots of things collected but strange images are what I will be printing out at some point for wallpaper, possibly using

Anyway otherwise while restrictions from covid19 anyhow sound like they are going to be stricter I've got loads of supplies for food and things but hope no panic buying happens again...

Mid March should be about finished enough with home to look at the design of the website anyway... have fun!

Used to have magic eye posters, guess a few would be worth printing for wallpaper as well...

Binary star theory

 Sure we would speed up a lot going around the galaxy but whether the sun would act to the new star like a parent to a child rather than the sun staying more like a double helix and two stars in front and planets behind.   Keep feeding the new star dust it smashes like usual it may not be that the secondary star straight away gets its own planets like mercury and venus...

Swinging everything around on plasma rails though the binary star theory is looked at a lot more later in simulation...


 Have to say that stories always make me laugh and I write them down as basically taking a break for creative writing... but what if obviously they is some truth in that fiction?  what if Jupiter ignited and consumed everything behind it to become a "double dragon"  then again some truth in the fiction or mirrors or lenses of more... but would laugh myself if our solar system entered a two star binary jet engine solar system and we truly got to be so insane fast in the galaxy that we smash everything in orbit infront of us...

Anyway back in March but never myself not always smiling as no matter what written they is always more things could be... 

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Why water or wind style?

 In a world of robotics you have to understand we end up with fighting styles of no block possible... this is the same as a monkey that can hit a branch each time no miss ever and yet if a monkey or gorilla had a sword in its hand a block would cause so much shock damage to the user you would be stunned to have a gorilla or monkey not just shocked you but hit you 3 times the exact same place so only martial arts style is to never go for a block but to work around... in short water is find the floor and in time you erode it while slipping around all points of force while wind is about gaining energy and yet for now will only state that water style is crash down in a torrent so between the two styles they is difference yet truly in discipline are apart... robotics though you need to understand that blocking is just not possible but like learning fencing on a one foot beam you learn not to over extenuate so lose balance but keep it sharp as in always in balance and control while water rather than wind is when an opportunity truly wind up and crash down into a torrent when needed...

Martial arts?

 Have to say myself that from age 2 copying kungfu moves, and michael jackson moves age 3 odd... plus First intro to Wierd al about age 6 or so in some spanish bar... but as for martial arts it always stuck with me from ages of 6 was copying every kung fu movie and yet was first schooled in judo that pleasently made sense later to be Jujutsu a grapping side of Ninjutsu... as for partner wise it would be me and my partner training all day and night from 5 times a week psycically to Virtual reality but love crossing over disciplines as done fencing a few years for example and on a one foot high beam the stakes are raised yet ninjutsu is all about leverage and balance so all will always find what we master truly becomes our own style... I like the 3 section staff and nunchuks for them being an extension of wind or water style of fighting... obviously though Avril and me training we look at multiple but roughing it a tap is still us both very much laughing even if a lot done that day was the purple headed warrior...


Been a real strange year for all of us...

 It is halloween all year around again then? all with ninja masks on and staying hidden another damn year thanks to covid19...

Nevermind but myself have painting and decorating to do plus still the year of 2D on playstation though I got steam working flawlessly on Gentoo linux so those of like mind may want to pull the recent steam respository as code appears to be working; Wine is not an emulator, WINE based steam seems to be working well...

All in all I was hoping for company age 40 but with current conditions I may consult a bit but otherwise really deep in lots of research getting it all sorted...

Beautiful video of Beautiful Avril will leave you with but as with everything for me as an Introvert or INTP these "stircrazy" descriptions from them extroverted papermill psychologists at least the restrictions keep them away from us so we can recover... all in all though 3000% health recovery finally last year the moment was felt human rites are back in full force where it was too painful before the violations to human rites...

Playlists are cheating???!??

VIDEO!!! come off it VIDEO!!! while yes in a few years will try mixing a few things more myself they is so much talent out there and yet they only get to use spotify or radio not video??

 We can define cheating and that is ones that really could never match the level of live performance while ones that just like to collect we can still classify so much as House music as in for home use...


 Things of beauty are more the driving force and have to admit that I'm constantly working in a console while listening to music so that is the love that in fairness still shows unparalleled in music alone...

Yet I don't want to get into any debate of capitalism verses socialism but The only employees we have are robots that can retrofit containers and send them to hook up to a windmill or solar roofed warehouse of containers?  all with robotic procedure precision... yet I keep 3 UBIKEYS and my wife Avril keeps 3 herself and anyone else even needed has their own system under a GNU or GPL licence... for example...

What if the Gov don't just do self driving car but self driving HGV to move such containers all setup robotically... finally thought though is what if I can cuddle my wife in bed all day and night and the only thing using virtual reality is like spinning plates we have not beta or alpha but stable yet always looking to tweak but always aiming for stable is units that have end of the day no more effort needed or time consumed whether 100 units or containers or 300 billion...

:)  food for thought... 

One more of Woowoo

 Woowoo the Cockatiel used to use the cage all the time though while Growler just likes his high perch behind me top of the cupboard door... woowoo would sing all the time though and Growler is in short just growls once in a while but does get a bit more active in noise if I suddenly switch from say Trance to rock or R & B for example... he seems to be deeply studying the music though and quaker known to be another parrot that really can get quiet talkative so early days yet...

Really good music

 Really nice to have a category for DJ's where as before spotify you never got to see enough of the mixing...  many years just this playlist but always looking to add more... classical music one thing to watch but DJ equipment like this a cool as fsck example of DJ's more than simply mixing two tracks together..

Phat DJ Playlist:


Miss my old Parrot though Woowoo

 While watching David August Growler just clipped the screen and bounced off the wall behind... he is learning what a TV is but still taking him a while to figure it out... Woowoo on the other hand on the 3rd day already did all this and spend days after walking around on the floor investigating...  Very much The cockatiel more curious and never afraid as such while Growler really has not come out his shell yet... Deep contemplation though from this Parrot Breed Quaker so not just his beautiful blue plumage but he really thinks hard...

Wish I still had both of them but nevermind and Growler is awesome but not singing or talking yet but maybe in half a year...

Growler the Quaker favourite food Cashew

Woowoo the Cockatiel favourite food Black Chia Seeds.


Old place

 Really room was a mega issue... at least I have way more room this year but carting around loads of junk I've found so much has gotten cheaper so going to be a lot thrown out but otherwise got everything for now...

Anyway happy new year and report in mid March..

James webb Telescope launch this year

 Hubble did incredible apart from the hiccup at the beginning due to lens Measurements? or something... 

Once The  mega powerful James webb telescope is orbiting they should do a live feed to youtube or something... would probably keep a monitor left on it alone day after day...

Finally this year though!!  hoping...

Anyway wait now until March

 Stuff like wakefield theory and astrophysics I could touch on as well but otherwise really happy new year... Archives finished for now enough...


Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Bored yeah but as said am always working in multiple logistics

 Always building on stable foundations though...

I know how cool could it get...

 Even includes the wise words of Ron Jeremy... You sure this is not Ron again? anyway back march but lots on... love you more Avril baby...

Archive sorting... still going...


Anyway back March with new website


I love Archives...

 Over the years do really collecting some interesting crap... otherwise as said always have very much pure paths or 8 fold path to how I would be eternally...



 It starts with one unit being a average Shipping yard container we use for transport... we call this a unit of one... it has energy generation or warehouse stacking ability but all inside is a producer of something deemed sacred as in all need it like food or medicine...

While one storage container offsite is something so is your home and if you for example are like a lot of Japanese people, not a slur, that like to live in places the size of closets then miniaturisation is more efficiency is the zen philosophy of stripping away what is never needed or putting it all down to its strict essence and pure functional form...  This goes far beyond Picasso stripping down things like the famous bull to its essence as with zen ethos we are looking at wastage and functional forms...

But where to start is truly in storage solutions and fold away things if you only use them every week to 2 months at a time can it be compacted to 1 4th of its size for example?

Otherwise as said this Pandemic has rocked us all pretty hard but Gov would say the same that if each citizen produced even 50% of their own needs then hardly them not turning a profit is the same all all know the Gov truly are and bullshitters can stop lying as true gov is the people and the ones showing product and efficiency is they promote is subsidise; not this stupid drug addict idea it is to be scolded for...

We abolished slavery first UK and as for myself and loads of others we won't give away a single rite that our own Gov and the people fought hard for...


 Have to say that over the last 10 years I've generated more in text than I've generated the other few decades... lots of it was hands on research in "of benefit to all" meaning food and medicine plus obviously sacred as well is energy generation... but out of all the other things we indeed have ART...  Hope you Avril start to show some paintings as things progress and you would always have the time to paint if needed while I am always tinkering with something or other...

But will include a gallery of stupid things like I always do online at some point but how much stupid things collected is the same with everything really of just lovers of multiple people in many disciplines...

Anyway new website March as such but really in fairness am talking 2 more years until I do start to post schematics and things for robotics under GNU Licence... or otherwise decided..

How things change...

 Age 20 had a lot of things that really were still decent enough computers to have a cluster and various research in all sorts of operating systems, plus Wintendo the toy O/S ;), but was running webservers on nothing back then let alone clusters for it...  Used to be FreeBSD and OpenBSD on my little subnotebook but Gentoo and IBM Solaris... as said though back then I couldn't ever really spend the money as after work was back to research and sorting various matters with computers; especially security...

New Lab setup though is still more and more but in multiple areas of science and engineering... still all of the knowledge still folds into Robotics and for me really the most active again online isn't a website but in all matters of 3D augmented and Virtual reality projects to pull everything in for business...

Anyway happy new year and found a few pictures and old projects in my Archives that I'm picking through.. update around mid March though...

Monday, 4 January 2021

Getting a lot ready for March

 Still mega amounts of research is offline but while building Gentoo linux and pondering a lot truly about robotic projects I ran into old Archives as yet again while stuff in the flat stacks up hard the digital world truly has so much stack I need to at least attempt to organise it...

This made me laugh and rather poignant as Linux always has slight slips in config you wouldn't get with other operating systems but for this picture to be found I do find it amusing for Avril to have an encoding error my side that showed "two Towers" as something rather questionable and yet rather still amusing...

Regardless am getting a lot setup and really trying to hone on all configurations not just character encodings but hey all you doubters still have to understand plain text from Avril Lavigne?  Lovin? Avril R Towers.. ART To MELT or MLT, without the E, :P is still possible as well...

Anyway happy new year!! new website March but otherwise as said lots to be sorting offline for my apartment but seems picking through my digital stuff of stuff has equal amounts of things archived into boxes and new projects made way for... have a great start to the year and love you more Avril baby. :D

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Yey.. Eats more than Cashews now

 He worried me for a while as his dismissal of even fish like salmon got me worried as he just refuses everything but cashew nuts...  caught him eating my curry a few times now though and I actually like it hot and would have done a milder one for him... I keep trying him on everything but finally at least he does find something else other than cashew now which appears to be a rather got balti or vinderloo or whatever...

Otherwise really got lots am sorting as spring cleaning has started early but mid march will have website and bits sorted but no rush this year...

How healthy is cashew?

Have to admit it appears to have everything the little bugger needs... :)   not to worry then... anyway report in march latest..

Cashews, raw
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy553 kcal (2,310 kJ)

30.19 g
Starch23.49 g
Sugars 5.91 g
0.00 g
Dietary fiber3.3 g

43.85 g
Saturated7.783 g
Monounsaturated23.797 g
Polyunsaturated7.845 g

18.22 g

VitaminsQuantity %DV
Vitamin A0 IU
Thiamine (B1)
0.423 mg
Riboflavin (B2)
0.058 mg
Niacin (B3)
1.062 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5)
0.86 mg
Vitamin B6
0.417 mg
Folate (B9)
25 μg
Vitamin B12
0 μg
Vitamin C
0.5 mg
Vitamin D
0 μg
Vitamin E
0.90 mg
Vitamin K
34.1 μg

MineralsQuantity %DV
37 mg
2.2 mg
6.68 mg
292 mg
1.66 mg
593 mg
660 mg
19.9 μg
12 mg
5.78 mg

Other constituentsQuantity
Water5.20 g