Sunday, 6 December 2020

Ps4 Pro gaming

 Considering I don't have an 8k screen with 240 odd refresh rate but a humble 65" hdr bloom screen, which is fantastic, or indeed anything I truly want the ps5 for which is virtual reality with cutting edge augmented reality as well as usual vr... Sony stated first quarter of 2021 but I may wait for Xmas as vr is all I want as for now the ps4 Pro is absolutely stunning... Oddly enough I though found sim hospital renamed for the ps4 and been playing that.. It is rather amusing but not graphics at heart but humour and strategy is very cool but never completed the old game...

Otherwise yet again have stacks of games that are 2d and yet finding myself currently playing "car mechanic simulator" and got the Pagani DLC and may get a few more at £3 a pop... Nice to strip things completely and rebuild them so a very fun game from an everything of everything researcher that loves to strip things down to atomic to understand the systems... I'd say 2021 is the year of 2d gaming and then 2022 the beginning of all things virtual and augmented reality on not just the ps5..  Busy though but end of first quarter will put more things up and this parked domain blogspot will be replaced with my own website... 

Have fun and a great Xmas! 

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