Saturday, 21 November 2020

Xmas lights, should have got a tree

 Feel a bit more festive this year... Just nice to have all asset purchased and things settling now with 2 years to business... Lots to be doing but anyway new website and bits mid 2021 but otherwise will report in periodically...  Have fun and a great Xmas!

Friday, 20 November 2020

Parrot tv

 Just a quick note I found the music versions good but the live sound really makes the parrot growler rather happy... Yes he flies around the room trying to figure out why he can not get to the parrots but for something to use when I am away this YouTube channel helps a lot;live feed... I have an old phone that I will dig out and put in his cage with him later and as for touch screen we found a lot of animals like touch screen.. All in good time but parrot loves this one...

Touch screen stuff for later parrot ai interaction... All in good time... 

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Growler attacked by the cuddle monster...

 He really is too young to have his little bowl of veggies and other food but only likes cashew nuts right now and throws everything else on the floor as he holds cashews in his claws like little banana's.. Later like the cockatiel he will beg for food so will get a little bowl and taught to eat with me but he is still young and learning to fly that includes he has not figured it seems to spread his tail feathers yet... Do sometimes chase him around the room and grab him and he puts up a good fight before giving up and hitting the floor... He doesn't bite so can not just hold him but cuddle him and he doesn't fight at all.. Once I let go though he is back to flying and chilling to music but how nice in itself doesn't bite.. A good few months from now should have him not just talking and singing but chilling on my shoulder but otherwise right now he still loves to fly and figure out his environment...

Doing well ;) will cuddle monster him 4 times a day as such... 

Saturday, 7 November 2020

Short term as in this year

 In truth have only just got everything I wished for so far in asset so while I have always loads more to be setting up in laboratory I have been out walking and training in the wilderness and fishing... this covid19 issue made all plans a bit different but finally am in enough now to potter around the apartment and do little bits...  

Mainly I keep buying games for the playstation 4 pro and then with the plus subscription and playstation now sub I keep getting even more games so never been in enough to play much of it yet... I kind of missed out on the playstation 3 as well as was not well enough to play games and busy and the playstation now subscription is filling out a load of emulated ps3 games so a mass back catalogue to go through...

Currently playing need for speed hot pursuit and it looks good on ps4 but wonder what it is like on ps5 but waiting another year at least for ps5 as the ps4 pro version am still stunned by the graphics...

Otherwise 2 years to business have lots on but finally moving a lot from spreadsheets to gnucash double book keeping and thunderbird got rid of enigmail and made their own gpg stuff but right now not bothered with business for another 2 years but lots being posted in about 4 months of more stuff outlined but all in good time...

Have a great xmas and new year but report in 4 months or so from now...

Friday, 6 November 2020

Two years to business

 But it is all not about business... you need to question or just need support then contact me and I recommend gpg but importing this block will give the email address...  otherwise am two years from company but only going to state Avril that you need answers then do come to me but one of the privilages of no sin is not just the ability to check every pathline of everything completely but always deep in knowledge as all of us are busy in unison making everything for benefit of all and so deemed sacred..



My baby girl?

 Is young young Avril and a baby compared to the eternal forever universal destroyer she is always and always will be eternally... "Queen of the universe" is how is that?  I will state that if you are yourself a king and Queen of the universe eternally then you pick that pin prick in the sky and go to it then again pick another pin prick in the sky again and aim for that then it again and again and again and not even us moved out the galaxy yet... an area of sky from an Earth telescope that is the size of a 5 pence is then thousands of light years then trillions of light years and still by the time you reached that in itself have hardly moved through even our own galaxy; if at all...

But as said the ancient know places and we have followers and *shrugs* lots say for billions of years our own planet is our true space ship even if our solar system later converts to binary star double dragons...

Otherwise really busy but yes yes Avril with a T-shirt "Queen of the universe" is us at least knowing we know enough to enter absolute awesome and never absolute b*astard of alien :P

Out of all pictures?  like this one of baby Avril as nothing quiet says "cease and desist or I will destroy all 300,000 planets of your puny dominion, while stamping her foot, yet still has a grace and beauty and nobility all would love forever; not just her husband me..

Playing aside am really busy and more active in a year but as for everything right now we all have everything to be looking forward to...