Monday, 14 September 2020

parrot update

 Well been trying to bribe my parrot growler with dry fruit, nuts and seeds but he seems to prefer to be on his high perch and not approached me yet but am fine with him as like the cockatial was a bond really takes a few weeks... he has been through trance list and puffs up hard all his feathers ruffled to David august but playing him now on R & b list and he appears to really like missy elliott but for him I really want growler to chill it hard but certainly getting some really nice responses from growler listing to the r & b list... give it a few more weeks until I try and put him on hard trance of heavy rock but he really appears to be in parrot heaven and not sure yet really what his first words will be as a talking parrot breed...  he likes Aphex twin a lot is certainly noted right now as well....

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