Friday, 4 September 2020

I'm fine

 As said never was it not noted that in 2001 we began to see the rise of a certain issue and we are not simplistically talking about security... I mean even the Queen of England was on the internet in 1966 and us, or myself at age 13, but what annoyed me is while all of us are busy working on research these things came online that are pure malice... I'm sure ones we admired as to followed in footsteps of ARPANET never truly understood the advent of AOL users or these whatever they are but all are so busy and yet it got out of hand a lot and needs fixing... 3 times in a row even the Buddha himself would get angry and while we are working this appeared to be their ethos completely of insane to us for no reason... 2001 though it ramped up not died down but while we have Augmented reality next and always so busy with our projects we all thought in fairness these issues were addressed and fixed in 2014 or so...  Their malice for no reason just got pure stupid but all hoping next few years all is once again addressed correctly...

All I will say on it but not like we didn't see this where our mentors the old people with beards of ARPA net never would have realised it... as said though all mitigate where possible but for me business from research really starts a year from now at age 40.

*final note* we are all strict Queens law including Privacy... never since little before even an understanding of language verbal or written did we though understand these others of "hurt things for fun" or ever would do much but listen is observe and never understand it... We don't need ever to be evil and behave evil simply on flimsy excuses but only that never a single person upon any observation whatsoever could ever say we were ever the mistake ever... certainly never us in contradiction of any part bahaviour that we put ones in jail for... younger years though even as growing up was us "learning ourselves" from common sense of law let alone the bible or other religious doctrine... none of us entertain any behaviour of anything devil over human at all...   Telling us off though because never would we corrupt or ever want to as too busy in everything we love of projects and benefits and loving things never this stupidity of idiocy spending all its time trying who it thinks we are; especially when malice and disrespect all the time with it.

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